Matthew 5 and 19 Jesus Defends the Divorced WomanChris

Many people search the scriptures, searching for an understanding of God’s will concerning divorce and remarriage.

One aspect of Matthew 5 and Matthew 19 is that Jesus defends those who are divorced against their will. At the same time, he apposes those who a) divorce without seeking God’s will, b) start another relationship while still married, c) remarry

It is hard for many Christians to believe that God would support anyone in a divorce. The church has taken strong steps, from shunning and removing from leadership – to throwing them out of the church family.

There is a double standard when it comes to divorce. Women are taught that all sins including lust, murder, fornication are all forgivable – but adultery is not. There is no place in the bible that claims that adultery is the unforgivable sin.

Punishing one person who is forced into a divorce makes as much sense as punishing someone who made a bad investment and lost their money.

Jesus Defends The Divorced Person

One often overlooked aspect of the divorce question, according to Jesus, is that Jesus empowered the Christian to divorce the others.

Jesus said ‘If you divorce’. He did not say that you must wait passively until the other person has hurt you – or threatened your life.

  • Jesus empowered the victim to divorce the other person.
  • Jesus made ‘innocent’ the person who was divorced against their will.

Jesus’ real point, which the hyperbolic image is meant to evoke, is the sanctity of marriage (see also 19:4-6; Efird 1985:57-59). Addressing the hardness of legal interpreters’ hearts (19:8), Jesus opposed divorce to protect marriage and family, thereby seeking to prevent the betrayal of innocent spouses. Do Not Betray Your Spouse With Divorce: BibleGateway

As recently as 500 years ago, great preachers and theologians such as Martin Luther states that to understand the full bible’s meaning concerning divorce, adultery, and remarriage – we need to realize that God’s law stated the adulterer should be put to death. This means, even when the church and state abandon their duty, the offender is dead in God’s eyes.
I have heard people state that they would not consider divorce, or remarriage, because for centuries the church rejected the concept of divorce. However, this is not a truth. In fact, not even polygamy has been considered a sin for most of the church’s life ‘after Christ.’

When you are studying this topic I hope you will consider the following:

Who do the verses refer to? Were they written to Christians, Christians married to Christians, or to the ‘world.’  Do not force yourself to live by a law that was not meant for you.

To understand the concepts we must realize that the ancient culture had legitimate and illegitimate marriage. God had a plan. That plan did not include a union with sin. When learning what God wants in your life, and the truth of the scriptures, remember one truth…

Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled…” (Heb. 13:4).

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