What Does The Bible Scriptures and Divorce – Remarriage

One of the most controversial aspects of bible and scripture teaching is the dogma surrounding divorce and remarriage. The most disturbing aspect is the current teaching that the bible has always taught that divorce and remarriage are wrong. That our current cultural look at marriage has been the fundamental foundation of the family since Abraham.

This is not true. The bible and church here are general. Each denomination is different, and has been. These are only general beliefs

The bible has taught and supported polygamy as recently as the 1600s.

The bible taught that a man could divorce his wife for any cause well into Puritan times.

The church taught that all you needed to do to divorce was to cross the border into another fiefdom or country.

The church believed that a man could have sex with any unmarried woman without committing adultery

The church believed that only a woman could commit adultery – a man could have sexual relations with any woman without committing a sin.

The problem is that many of these beliefs were born in ‘interpretations’, ‘dogma’, denominational beliefs, and man made/cultural and political beliefs.

The goal of this topic is not to challenge anyone’s belief. You will answer to God for your actions, love, and faith. This topic is designed to explore the scriptures in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart.

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