Divorce and the Bible – Truths

Our mission statement at this website is not to bully anyone into accepting a specific doctoring or belief. Here are some basic beliefs that the church as a whole, and our writers, adhere to:

God Created Marriage to complete the union between man/woman and God. The scriptures are clear. No Christian should enter a marriage lightly or based on an emotional reaction.

Christians should not be unequally yolked. This is a stand that no denomination challenges.

Christians married to Christians should work toward reconciliation, and never divorce. This truth is is accepted by all.

Fornication is a sin and can lead to a mindset which will separate you from God. The same is true for ‘having affairs’ and ‘flings’

God hates divorce because it creates a breach in the God/Christian relationship and it is a violent act

The marriage bed must remain undefiled. Sexual immorality is not a part of a legitimate marriage.

Polygamy is no longer deemed acceptable by the church, or society.  This is a truth for the Christian community

Breaking your vow is essentially the same as murder. If you break one of the commandments you break all of the commandments. If you commit adultery, you commit murder. James 2:10

God calls us to peace. We are not bound to an unbeliever who is not willing to remain in a Christian relationship (this does not include relationships where he Christian must sin against God to ‘make’ the unsaved person want to stay)

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